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The challenges of aviation leasing were the subject of an insightful expose in the October 2008 edition of Bloomberg Markets, which confirmed how costly aviation leasing can be without competent legal counsel. If you are looking to acquire, lease or share in the use of privately owned aircraft and corporate jets, the services of a corporate lawyer, experienced in leasing transactions, is a priority. The same principles apply to aviation management companies, charter companies and fractional ownership programs that are seeking to optimize the use of their aircrafts.

The aviation business can be exceedingly complex when it enters into the legal spectrum. However, with the right legal representation, the daunting task of conforming an intricate business transaction so as to comply with a multitude of legal hurdles and roadblocks, can be transformed into an efficient and manageable operation that realizes its intended objectives. Aviation leasing operations can benefit significantly by retaining the appropriate lawyers to advance your business interests, especially with the added contractual and legal complexities that tend to arise with respect to the legal arrangements related to aircrafts, including:

- aircraft purchases and leasing

- aircraft financing

- formation of aviation management companies and charter companies

- development of fractional ownership programs

- joint ownership agreements

- interchange contracts

- investment agreements

- associated tax planning

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